Hall Labs History

Creating Value from Innovation

Company Roots

Hall Labs traces its roots back to H. Tracy Hall, the inventor of man-made diamond. After the original breakthrough, he invented and built many high pressure high temperature systems and used them to create novel ultrahard materials.

His son David Hall also made several high pressure high temperature inventions, and over the years has innovated in networking, construction, electromechanical systems, and many other fields. He has founded, grown, and sold many businesses (details below). In the past several years, Hall Labs and its predecessors have consistently outperformed all other companies and organizations in the State of Utah in generation of patents.



Proven Track Record of Technology Exits

Hall Labs has grown and exited multiple businesses from seed stage.



MegaDiamond was spun off by Tracy Hall in 1966 with two colleagues. Purchased by Smith International in 1985. View website >>



IntelliServ pioneered high speed downhole data connections. Purchased by Grant Prideco in 2006. View Website >>



NovaPick pioneered the use of PCD materials in asphalt and mining operations. Now distributed through the worldwide Caterpillar dealer network. View Website >>



Novatek pioneered the concept of the solid frame press and continues to lead the industry in high-volume PCD production. Purchased by Schlumberger in 2015. View Website >>

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